Arugam Bay has the best surfing areas in Sri Lanka during the East coast season & offers some exceptionally fun point breaks. The season starts early April through to late October, the wave size is commonly 2ft-3ft with the occasional set wave at 4ft-5ft with the Main  point having a modest reef bottom. There can be long lulls between consistent swells, generally the Arugam Bay experience is suited to a longer stay i.e. one -six months. During this period solid swell and some exceptional days will be encountered.

On its day the Arugam Bay Point break is a “classic” right hander. There are many other breaks situated North & South of Arugam Bay  , which can easily be accessed by Tuk-Tuk.

We are able arrange Surf lessons & board hire upon request.

The Arugam Bay surf holiday Sri Lanka offers a unique experience with a pleasant local vibe in unique surroundings.